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Welcome to High Hoops School of Basketball. We are a private club team that competes in the IMPACT or American Roundball Corporation (ARC) leagues and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) tournaments. Our motto is to “Play Hard, Study Harder.”  High Hoops focuses on the student athlete, with an emphasis on academics.

High Hoops sports will provide leadership, coaching and basketball instruction to student athletes ages eight through fourteen. Our program will focus on teaching sportsmanship, team fundamentals, and working towards everyone’s highest potential in order to reach individual and team goals. Our students will achieve personal development, self-confidence, maximum strength and winning results.


Words from the Coach….

About Maturity-

As we grow and learn more, we should see how big the world is  - how infinite the knowledge, and just how little of it each of us really grasps. Therefore, we should become more open to advice, suggestions, and help from others. Of course, as we gain experience, we should evaluate all advice critically, even when it comes from people we trust and hold in high esteem. There’s a joke that college freshmen think they know everything about a subject after reading one book about it. Then they read another book, which contradicts the first book, and suddenly they know much less than they thought. But it’s no joke that know-it-alls rarely succeed. Even those that do well for a while get left behind when life moves on and they are unable to grasp new developments. Anyway, a big part of success is having friends, and nobody likes a know-it-all.

- Mike Flot

Thank You to Our Sponsors

High Hoops School of Basketball appreciates the generous support of our sponsors. Their thoughtfulness and dedication help make it possible for the High Hoops students to excel on the court and in the classroom

If you are interested in a sponsorship opportunity or if you would like to contribute to the High Hoops program, please contact: Michael Flot, (818) 760-8353 or (818) 926-2945.